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What happened to Local probe response?

We recently deployed band steering during an update, only now realizing that the BCP is to enable local probe response as well.

I looked in our SSID profile and noticed that local-probe-response is gone! I've got local-probe-resp-threshold - it has no help in the CLI, but the GUI mouseover seems to indicate it complements local-probe-response, rather than replacing it.

Anybody know what we're supposed to do these days to enable local probe response? We're running
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Re: What happened to Local probe response?

Hi Adam,

In 5.0 all the management frame processing has been moved to the AP, you don't need to configure it any longer.

Andy Logan, ACDX
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Re: What happened to Local probe response?

Thanks Andy! That's actually a bit unfortunate, we're seeing issues with APs that steer clients to the 5GHz band, but do not respond to 5GHz probe requests. I was hoping this would fix it. Guess I'm opening a TAC case :(
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Re: What happened to Local probe response?

They could not steer users to the 5ghz band if they do not respond to 5ghz probe requests. What symptoms are you seeing?

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Re: What happened to Local probe response?

Hi Colin,

Here's the scenario. I've seen this in three cases so far. This network's pretty young (2 months), but all three problems have occurred since I enabled band steering.

  • 5 GHz-capable STA in range of two APs (one with high SNR, one with low SNR)
  • Client sends probe requests on 5 GHz band
  • High-SNR AP doesn't respond to 5 GHz probe request
  • Low-SNR SNR AP does respond to 5 GHz probe request
  • Client associates to low-SNR AP
  • Client throughput is terrible
  • Client continues to send probe requests
  • High-SNR AP finally sends a probe response after ~10 seconds
  • Client generally does NOT roam to high-SNR AP, presumably due to client stickiness

In all three cases, rebooting the high-SNR AP fixed it. We have a second VAP on these APs running non-HT single-band (g-only) - it is not affected by the problem. Similarly, 2.4GHz-only STAs are not affected on either SSID.

Any wisdom you can impart is greatly appreciated!
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