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Why Aruba


Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I'm currently evaluating different wireless vendors for my company. We are large global manufacturer with just over 2,500 AP's worldwide, and currently run predominantly Cisco autonomous AP's with some Cisco WLC's thrown into the mix.

I've done some research on Aruba, and obviously some of the features are great.

the price is also good, but I'm sure that Cisco would compete if they heard we were looking at Aruba.

So, I'd like to ask for some good solid technical reasons to choose Aruba vs Cisco, and the benefits that those reasons give to us right now and in the future.

I appreciate any input provided.

Many thanks
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Re: Why Aruba

Hi Marcus,

I have researched a lot of the marketing material from Aruba, and have also met with some of the sales team. Personally, I'm pretty much convinced that Aruba is a great solution. My challenge is to convince a nervous senior management team and a risk averse group of network engineers to drop Cisco for Aruba.

I am looking for feedback from people like yourself that work for a company that use Aruba, and/or have dropped Cisco for Aruba.

In your opinion, what has Aruba given you on your wireless network that Cisco couldn't, other than, I would imagine, significant cost savings.


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