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Windows XP, restrict to one SSID only

Does anyone know of a way to lock Windows XP down to the Corporate SSID only?

We don't want users going home and using either their own wireless, or any ol' hot spot.

Windows 7 and Vista can use an AD GPO to simply do this.

I've rinsed Google trying to find a solution for XP
(Apart from more expensive software)

Surely this can't be that hard? Has anyone devised a way to do this?
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Re: Windows XP, restrict to one SSID only

Mandatory Group Policy

Isn't there a way to make the configuration so that a user cannot change it? I have seen situations where the administrator has configured this, and when the user tries to add or remove wireless, it says "changes have not been saved". I do know what was done, I just know that it is possible. This was on Windows XP.

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Re: Windows XP, restrict to one SSID only

Using GPO from a Microsft server and disabling various security features will almost get you there, but unfortunately, if a user then goes onto scan for other wireless networks, they then have the capability to create a wireless network to the newly discovered SSID.

No real way around this in XP.

I would suggest looking at products such as Odyssey Access Client or similar (obviously license cost associated to these) or Intel ProSet - which is free, but not always 100% reliable.

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Re: Windows XP, restrict to one SSID only

To Jason's point, we use Juniper Odyssey to take care of those kinds of things. It's not cheap, but it will do what you want. You can download a 30-day trial if you want to look at it.
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Intel ProSet and Juniper Oyssey look like possibles, thanks.