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Wireless Multicast Issues

I'm having an issue with two wireless clients on the same WLAN not being able to use multicast to communicate with each other. I don't have the "Drop Broadcast and Multicast" configured for the Virtual AP. Their role allows for "allow all" policy. If one of the clients is on the wired network (wireless and wired network are on the same L3 network) they can communicate with no issues. That's what made me start thinking that this is a wireless to wireless client issue.

Any suggestions?

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Firewall Deny Inter User Bridging

Under configuration> Advanced> Stateful Firewall, make sure that "Deny Inter User Bridging" is not checked.

Can your clients even ping each other?

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Re: Wireless Multicast Issues

Both the clients could ping each other while on wireless/wired. Removing the "Deny Inter User Bridging" allowed them to communicate via Multicast. Thanks for the help.
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