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controller 620

hi all :

Regarding Aruba controller 620 Are making 2 wired uplinks 1 main and other backup is available ??
and if yes how can it be made ?
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Re: controller 620

From the release notes in ArubaOS

Multiple Wired Uplink Enhancements
This feature lets Aruba controllers support multiple wired uplink interfaces. You can assign up to four VLAN interfaces, in the WebUI or CLI, to operate in active-standby topology. An active-standby topology provides redundancy so that when an active interface fails, the user traffic can failover to the standby interface. When you enable the DHCP or PPoE client on the controller for a VLAN, the controller can obtain a dynamic IP address for a VLAN.

It seems you can do it, but I have never personally configured it.

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Re: controller 620

Yes it can be done in 6.0. For example

uplink wired vlan 1
uplink wired vlan 2
uplink enable

If the vlan interface on the primary vlan goes down, it'll automatically switchover to the backup uplink.