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cpboot environment commands

Is there a way to change the controller's default boot partition from the boot-loader menu ?

The following options are available:
boot - boot default, i.e., run 'bootcmd'
boot_update - update bootloader image in boot flash
bootaos - Boot from an AOS image in memory
bootd - boot default, i.e., run 'bootcmd'
bootelf - Boot from an ELF image in memory
bootf - boot from an ELF image in FLASH
bootm - boot application image from memory
bootp - boot image via network using BootP/TFTP protocol

Does the bootf option have a partition identifier, or does it just boot load the image from the default boot partition read from the config? Or maybe an environment variable is available to set the default boot partition?

I know that I can set this option when an OS image is loaded, but I deal with many factory defaulted controllers for our training environment and I'm just looking to minimize the # of boots when setting up for a new class.

CPBoot bootf

You should be able to specify the partition with the bootf command as follows:

For Partition 0
cpboot> bootf 0

For Partition 1
cpboot> bootf 1
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Re: cpboot environment commands

You can do help on cpboot commands. For example > help bootf

cpboot> help bootf

bootf partition]
- Boot ELF file from FLASH image (0/1)

bootf by itself just boots the default image
bootf 0 or bootf 1 selects the primary/secondary partition
bootf 0:0 or 1:0 selects either the flash or compact flash device (on a chasis supervisor card)
Aruba Employee

Oh yeah!!!!

That's exactly what I was looking for! And the solution was so easy, I couldn't figure it out. I kept trying 'bootf 0:0' and 'bootf 0:1'

Thanks Jason! You da man, dude!
Aruba Employee

good info..

Thanks Tony! That's more good info to add to my arsenal.
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