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custom captive portal page

New to Aruba OS, so go easy with me. I've created a new custom portal page, based off viewing the source of the current default/custom pages. I tried uploading that, but my image is not being displayed. I think my problem lies with the below string, but not sure what to put here, Help would be most appreciated. I've tried using 'background.jpg' as the image name, uploading it from the captive portal page or the captive portal upload page. Also tried to change the path, all without success so far.

background: #FFFFFF url(/auth/custom/logo1.jpg) 50% 50%no-repeat;

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Custom Captive Portal

Go to the Aruba knowledgebase at and search for "Custom Captive Portal". It will give you a working example of what you want to accomplish.

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os version

If you are using the newer os

1) upload your jpg that you want displayed to the custom pages (e.g. upload as top level page).

2) you might have something like this

(depends on size of the .jpg)
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