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disable captive portal authentication

Hi, we have had a captive portal using ldap authentication. I am no tasked to remove the authentication and allow full access.

I removed the 'user login' in the l3 captive portal profile, but some devices still get stuck at a aruba portal page. I also removed the 'captiveportal policy from the inital portal user.

any suggestions appreciated




I would look at the role that the users are in initially (typically 'logon' or 'guest-logon' or something similar)

Once you have the role(s) that students/teachers/guests are in upon connecting, then go to Configuration/Access Control/UserRole and ensure that the policy they have do not have a dst-nat 8080 or dst-nat 8081 rule for http and https traffic.

FYI, I will be in your area tomorrow and/or Wednesday if you want to get together on the issue.



disable captive portal authentication

Hi, thx for the reply. I just changed the inital role to what the cp was after authentication.


Glad you got it working

Thanks for the update. BTW, will be at the ATLE conference next week if you want to touch base there.
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