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dst-nat ftp fails

I am testing a dst-nat to an FTP server. The FTP connection is dropped right after the client sends a PASV command. All other protocols work fine. This is what the setup looks like:

-)))(((- ----- -----


The user role that the laptop is using will allow any on the network. So it has full access to the network when it’s connected to the correct SSID.

We are testing a DST-NAT rule. When we use the DST-NAT rule everything works fine except for FTP. In other words, the rule is set so that the LAPTOP can communicate with the FTP SERVER on IP

Here is the dst-nat rule:
Source : Destination : Service : Action
Any : host : any : dst-nat ip

I am using FileZilla as the FTP Client and FileZilla as the FTP Server. As soon as the client sends a PASV command, the communication between the server and client stops. If I try to do this from the laptop to the server on the regular IP’s everything works fine. Also if I try some other protocols like SSH, SFTP, RDP over the dst-nat IP etc.. it works fine.

Any ideas if there is a bug that needs to get resolved? This is on ArubaOS If anyone would like to test this they should be able to add the same dst-nat rule like I have and nothing on the SSID will be affected. The only difference is that now you will be able to talk to the device pointing to a different IP.

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Packet Capture

Can you possibly post a packet capture of the conversation?

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An RFE has been issued

We ran packet captures for a couple of days to see what was the problem. When discussed with Aruba support they issued an RFE. Here is the email:

I am afraid currently Aruba does not support Passive FTP if the inside traffic is natted under the VLAN interface. However RFE (Request for enhancement) has already been filed in regard to this issue ani believe we will get the fix soon.
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