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errorbox in custom CP ?

I have been fiddling with a custom CP setup so that I can allow visitors (walk-in guests) vs. seminar attendees (still guests, but ones that might need the network access of a more permissive role). So far, this isn't much more than the standard CP login page, some text and I've swapped the order of the email and user/pass login boxes. The assumption being that most of my users won't actually have usernames or passwords, so I can push this down on the page. The email login box will show up more readily on smartphones, etc.

The problem is that I would like to continue using the errorbox object (it's the same form, why not) but the behaviors are different. When a user fails login at the default CP login page (invalid email address, user/pass auth fail), the form reloads the CP login page with the errorbox filled in. Unfortunately, users who fail login using the custom CP page receive a HTTP 302 redirect to my CP login with an "errmsg" value set. Not the same, so the errorbox never gets updated and they will potentially keep bashing their heads (and smartphones) against the login page.

Anyone seen this before? And have a solution other than a completely external CP setup??


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Re: errorbox in custom CP ?

About all I've changed is the form actions from "login" to "/cgi-bin/login" (as referenced elsewhere) and rearranged the order of regform and guestform so that guestform is first. But now I'm getting a 302 redirect (which I believe is the normal behavior with external authentication configs?) instead of the dynamic rendering that the default page has (which updates the errorbox).

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Re: errorbox in custom CP ?

Looked into this a bit more - I'm forcing the exchange to be HTTP so that I can read the packet captures more easily.

POSTing this to /cgi-bin/login - "email=abcdef&cmd=authenticate&Login=Log+In" and I get the 302 redirect to this location - "/upload/custom/utest-captiveportal-profile/CPLogin.html?errmsg=Email address is invalid."

This would be fine and I assumed that "errmsg" was a variable in the stylesheet, but there doesn't seem to be any reference to "errmsg" in the HTML or the CSS. Nor is there any reference to "errmsg" in the ExternalAuth-v2.30.doc file, so I'm wondering if I simply tripped over an undocumented oddity in the CP login script on the controller ??
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Curious if anyone had an idea w.r.t. this issue ?
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