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how to configure RADIUS with ARUBA controller

Hi all,

sorry for my silly question but really i'm totally new for the RADIUS configuration

what i'm trying to do is to configure RADIUS server in a windows server 2003 and make it use the active directory for authentication
and configure aruba controller to use that RADIUS server

i configured the IAS on the server and configured the RADIUS client and Remote policies like stated in the manual appendix

i configured the RADIUS server in the controller and made the controller to terminate the EAP-PEAP as i don't have server certificate on the server

when trying to use the RADIUS for authentication i got server timed out
i tested the server using the "aaa test-server pap" command and i got
aaa server timeout

any ideas please

thanks in advance
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If you look on your Windows 2003 server in the Event Viewer under system, see if it is dropping the radius request because it is receiving it from an unexpected IP address. In addition the ArubaOS 3.4 User Guide has a great appendix on Microsoft IAS integration.

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Re: how to configure RADIUS with ARUBA controller

Hi Colin,

thanks for your reply
you are right the problem was the controller connects to the RADIUS by the VLAN ip address not the Loopback ip address
it works now
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Re: how to configure RADIUS with ARUBA controller

You should be able to run the following command to make your radius requests sourced from the loopback:

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