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how to hide ssid

i have problem ,when i hide the ssid ,i can not find it again;
i have selected the hide ssid option ,deny-broadcast option, my ssid is open system,i do not make any authentication
but when i survey the ssid ,i can not find it .
help me ,please,think you
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Re: how to hide ssid

You have to set the local wireless profile on your laptop to connect with it even if it isn't broadcasting. Where that is found depends on the hardware your laptop is using.
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Re: how to hide ssid

If you mean that client can't find the SSID, that is normal. You will have to manually configure the SSID name once it is "hidden".

Remember... hiding an SSID is NOT secure. There are many, many tools out there that will find the SSID name pretty quickly. Not only is not a security feature, it does cause issues with some clients. If you have to allow unauthenticated access to the SSID, you should consider using the captive portal feature in the controller to at least force the users to accept an "Acceptable Use Policy".
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Re: how to hide ssid

thanks for your reply

i doubt if i right configure the controller,
i just do the related configuritions:
selcect hide ssid option ,deny-anybrodacst option in the ssid adavaced configurition.
do I need to do some other configurations?
could anyone give me some configuration paper that success hiding the ssid?
my email :
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Re: how to hide ssid

That sounds like you've got it right. To test you'll need to use a laptop without the proper SSID configured. If it's configured it will connect and you won't be sure that you've hidden it properly. If you open windows zero config on the unconfigured laptop you should not see your SSID in the list. If you're still seeing it please post a partial config.

As others have said, this isn't a real security measure, there are a number of ways to discover the SSID even with it hidden, so be sure to use strong authentication and encryption as well.

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