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mix dual radio and single radio APs

Hello, I've recently added new APs to my aruba controller.
New dual radio APs. The thing is that now i want the new APs
to broadcast on 2.4 and 5 GHz channels at the same time,
but i am already using some of my old APs that have a dual band single radio.

I was about to change the "allowed band" from "g" to "all" on virtual AP profile
of the broadcasted ssids but I hesitated. I'm afraid that this might
lead my single radio dual band APs to start broadcasting in 5 GHz band leaving
that particular zone without 2.4 GHz coverage.

There is any method to ensure that only the dual radio APs use 5 Ghz?
Something more automatic than AP-Specific rules or making a direrent AP group with
this parameters?

Thanks alot for the help.
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Re: mix dual radio and single radio APs

By default, a "single radio" access point will ONLY use the 2.4ghz band. If you change the "allowed band" from "g" to "all", that will continue to be the same. The parameter that affects what band an access point broadcasts on is the "band" parameter in the AP system profile of that AP group.

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Re: mix dual radio and single radio APs

Thanks alot, very useful.
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