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mobile phones and captive portal auth timeout

Hi All,

My customer has users that connect to the Guest wireless on mobile phones via captive portal.

They can connect fine but are reporting that after 5 minutes it disconnects and when they try and get back in it reports somehting along the lines of web authentication disabled.

Im guessing this is due to the fact that some phones power off their wifi when the screen goes off to save battery.

Are there any settings on the controller we can adjust to stop this happening?


mobile phones and captive portal auth timeout

I would have a look at the ' show user table' and see if the entries for the phones disappear when their screens go blank, or if they remain what 'role' does the phone maintain.

The way things -should- work is that each device (phone or otherwise) should subject to an idle timeout... that idle timeout can be changed under configuration/authentication/advanced

That being said... if you are hitting a 'web authentication is disabled screen' it's a different issue than aging out.... if you do a few tests with the 'show user' command and see if role changes that would be helpful in understanding this one.
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