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"Reboot caused by out of memory"

Just wondering if a lot of people are seeing APs rebooting with this error after upgrading to 5.0. We have been working with the TAC on these and have put about 4 patches since then (running now), but still see many APs a week reboot with this error. The TAC and the engineer I'm working with have been very good, but the issue still there. We monitor every AP on the network with Airwave and that is how I know the APs rebooted, so I was wondering if other controllers with 5.0+ are doing it but people don't monitor each AP, therefore you would never know APs are rebooting.
According to the TAC, this is why we are getting memory leaks (out of memory reboots):
The leaks are related to station management. When clients associate and disassociate to different AP’s, the controller manages all these clients and their movement. Sometimes there can be bugs in this node management. The main triggers are:

- Certain chipsets are more problematic (example, we saw issues with a type of Broadcom NIC).
- Management of stations needs to be done properly as they come and go on AP’s, and this is a very complicated task.
- Overloading the AP’s can cause also trigger some of the issues.
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Re: "Reboot caused by out of memory"

Aruba OS release notes:

43948, 41351, 45266
An AP reboot issue caused when the AP runs out of memory has been fixed.

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Re: "Reboot caused by out of memory"

Yup, however, same bugs were also fixed for According to the TAC seems to be different triggers that cause the out of memory error. Therefore, some triggers might have been addressed with the code upgrade, but new triggers are now making the APs run out of memory again :(
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Re: "Reboot caused by out of memory"

Hi Marcelo,

Have you made custom changes to your a- or g-rates? I tried to do this last summer to "shut off" b-rates and it was a disaster. I found that some student printers would try to connect to an SSID with the b-rates forever; they were not smart enough to move to the g-rates. This effectively DoS'd the APs in our dorms because they ran out of memory. We do not allow student printers on the network, but students didn't realize that the wireless portion of their printers were roaming by default.

The fix was two fold: one, we re-enabled the b-rates; two, the fixes in 5.0.3.* have resolved a majority of our issues. There's some more patches coming in at the end of this month or beginning of next month to address another "out of memory" issues that we've found in

Basically, Aruba needs to re-design their STM process... but I don't know if you can open a TAC case on that, lol

Here's the wlan ssid-profile that I currently use with all the rates:

wlan ssid-profile "WLU"
essid "WLU"
a-basic-rates 6 12
a-tx-rates 12 18 24 36 48 54
g-basic-rates 5 11
g-tx-rates 5 6 9 11 12 18 24 36 48 54

This was recommended by the head of the Aruba ACE team.

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Re: "Reboot caused by out of memory"

Very interesting, thanks.
And like you said, my case engineer said will have the fixes for our current "out of memory" bug. Release date so far is 1st week of May.
Marcelo Lew
Wireless Network Architect-Engineer
University of Denver
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