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Re: understanding inter-VLAN routing

We are in a very simple test environment. So I am absolutely convinced that this is not related to any routing problems.

Doing a traceroute shows, that the Aruba controller is not forwarding the packets into the tunnel to the remote AP once inter-VLAN routing is disabled.

Even is everything (computer, controller, APs, remote APs) is on the same VLAN, pinging the remote AP from the PC requires the inter-VLAN routing to be turned on for that VLAN.

I wonder if somebody can confirm this?
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Pinging an Access Poin

Interesting thread. I don't believe "don't worry about pinging the APs; just use the controller" is an acceptable answer for this issue. Of course information is available via the controller and/or Airwave; however, wanting to ping a device shouldn't need an explanation.

vieregg, if you cannot ping from your LAN, try a traceroute. Follow the path until you can see where it breaks down. It could be a routing problem at your network or a misconfiguration in the forwarding path. These are guesses since I have no idea how your network is setup. This doesn't sound like an Aruba issue (yet) but rather a networking issue.

If the purpose of pinging an access point is determining whether it is up or down, this can pass or fail depending how a network is constructed. If someone really wants to know if an access point's services are available the most reliable way to do this through this is through the controller. Many times, an access point can return a ping, but it cannot accept users. This is NOT useful to an administrator, OR a user. There is a big difference, and this must be determined.

Ping is is only ONE status indicator of availability, and a faulty one, at best. More indicators are required to assure that a network device's stack and applications are functioning correctly.

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