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vrrp and dhcp

I have two aruba controllers with a common vlan, where vrrp is configured for the common vlan on the two controllers. Can I configure the aruba controllers to provide dhcp for clients on the vlan? If so, how does the backup know that it shouldn't be providing dhcp? In case of a failure with the master, how does the new master know what ip addresses the previous master has handed out?
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Split Scopes

You need to split the scopes between both controllers, because there is no synchronization of DHCP activity between controllers.

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Re: vrrp and dhcp

There is no sync between instances of DHCP on multiple controllers, I would recommend you look at a server based solution. The DHCP server is really intended for small deployments and guest access, and it doesn't have all the services that a server based DHCP solution can provide.

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