Atmosphere 2018


Atmosphere conference begins!

We are so excited to see all of you Airheads that will be attending the event and connecting back here on the Community. We’ve set up this special space for everyone to connect during and after Atmosphere.


For all Airheads members, the Airheads Community Lounge will be here for you to connect, engage and learn during #ATM18! The area has been lavishly furnished by award-winning Herman Miller. Check it out today, tomorrow and throughout the event. We’ll have some awesome events and experiences you won’t want to miss!


Your Airheads Ambassadors will also be in around the conference area today - find us and say Hi!

Go check out the blog to learn more, and we hope to see you at Atmosphere!

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Re: Atmosphere conference begins!

Airheads MVPs @cbjohns and @Overclock get the 5 min of fame while they answer the toughest questions :-) 


Re: Atmosphere conference begins!

Those guys look pretty familiar.


Re: Atmosphere conference begins!

Airheads, thank you all for joining us this year at Atmosphere 2018 Las Vegas. We are thrilled to have been able to share this time with you and meet all of you new members. We hope you were able to truly connect with your peers, engage with Aruba products and in the breakout sessions, and learn in the technical keynotes and training sessions!


Thanks for all the #ATM18 memories, from all of the Airheads Ambassadors!mirmir115_001355.jpg





You can watch all of the daily wrap up videos and continue to get information on next years’ Atmosphere event here: Keep an eye out on this board as well - we'll be posting the recordings and presentations of Airheads Track breakout sessions here soon.

Join us June 4-7 at Amadria Park near Šibenik, Croatia for EMEA Atmosphere 2018 and then September 4–6 in Bangkok, Thailand for APAC Atmosphere 2018. 

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Re: Atmosphere conference begins!

Is there an ETA on the presentation slidedecks?

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