Atmosphere 2018

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Session Content and Recordings

We finally have the content ready from the breakout sessions at Atmosphere. If you attended the event head over the closed group and check out everything you may have missed at the event. If you didn't attend don't worry, select sessions will be available here also.


Want to see the content and attended the event? To view the content you will need to have a community account and be logged into your account.


*If your Airheads account is tied to a different email than the one you registered for then please DM me and let me know. 


1. Navigate to the Atmosphere 2018 closed group

2. Click the "Join Group" button

3. You will receive notification of your admittance to the group.

4. Enjoy the content



It's not too early to plan for Atmosphere 2019. Sign-up to be one of the first to receive information and promotional offers on Atmosphere 2019 held March 31- April 5, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay, in Las Vegas.


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Re: Session Content and Recordings

I found all the PDFs of the breakouts but not the actual recordings?  Am I just being dumb and missing the link? (would not be the first time).

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