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How is your Study going?

How is everyones study going? I just finished the CWNA-106 official study guide last week, and am now going through it again for a review. 


How much are you studying? I may try to write the exam in 2-3 weeks depending how my review goes. What other resources have you found useful when studying?


One thing i found really helpful was to read ALL acronyms by their full name. This really helped me to understand their meaning and not just a bunch of letter. For example every time i come across MSDU in the book, in my head I read it out as MAC Service Data unit. I found that when i started i was just brushing through and got lost in all the acronyms. By reading each one out in full, i think this helped me get them to stick better. 


What small things did you do to help grasp some concepts?





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Re: How is your Study going?

I took my CWNA certification on October of 2014. Study wise, I did go through the book twice and tried to understand the acronyms because you will get them on the test, or at least I had them when I took it. I also read the CCNA Wireless (640-772) book as an additional material for the CWNA preparation.

I do recommend to purchase the practice test from the CWNP (120 Q&A's divided on group A and B). Practice test questions are very helpful, each answer includes extended explanation. All 120 questions will test your knowledge on each chapter, and I found it as a great learning tool.

Good luck!

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