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ACMA attempts and questions

Hey all, sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't see anything in a search and wanted to make sure that I wouldn't make my current predicament any more stressful. :)

A quick recap: My boss asked me to register for an Aruba course back in January for SWDI. I registered, took the course starting three days later and came back to work. Yesterday, my boss asked me if I got an ACMA or ACMP cert from the course. I looked through my notes and found a URL, login and password to take the ACMA exam, so I started studying up a bit. It was only then that I found out that an ACMA is a prerequisite to taking the SWDI course. So I have a few questions:

1. How was I able to register for the SWDI without an ACMA?
2. Using what I learned at the SWDI course along with the training materials on the Aruba website, would I have a decent shot at passing the ACMA?
3. How many attempts are you allowed for the ACMA exam? I would hate to think that because I ended up attending a more advanced course(where many things went FAR over my head, of course) and didn't learn the specifics for the ACMA that I would have wasted my employer's money.

Any help you guys have would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
-Paul Mitchell
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Re: ACMA attempts and questions

IAW (ACMA) is based on a single controller
SWDI (ACMP) is based on mulit-controllers environment

Belive there is a webpage on the details of ACMA

Max retakes on ACMA is 3.
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