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We have quite a few customers who between them use a lot of the different features Aruba products offer and I was wondering if anyone else has anything similar to this? Or perhaps other users could add examples of their customer wireless deployments?

One of our brewery customers has an Aruba Controller in their central offices with 10 campus access point and about 60 remote access points in pubs.

They have a Guest SSID broadcasting from the RAPs whose captive portal used to be located on the Aruba controller. The guest VAP operates in split tunnel mode as to not impede on the central sites bandwidth.

Access to the Guest SSID was gained by entering an email address which wasn’t validated in any way. Because of this they often had users like and authenticated on their Guest SSID. They wanted to be able to use the data gained from guest users to notify users of offer in the pubs. We suggested, demoed and have now deployed an AmigoPod at their site and integrated it with their controller.

The Amigopod is configured to validate guest users upon registration by sending them their password via SMS and also captures other information (gender, age, interests) which is used by the advertising plugin to display adverts based on their demographic.

Now the brewery can notify guest users via SMS when they have special offers. They’re also using the data captured to help identify what types of people are in the pub at what times based on their interests, gender and age.

There's another SSID being broadcast on the RAPs for the pubs Windows mobile devices which operate as handheld mobile tills. This VAP operates in bridge mode. The mobile tills connect to a “server till” in the pub they’re local to. The connection between handheld and till is crucial. The pubs wireless used to be provided by a consumer quality wireless router which caused no end of troubles but since the upgrade to Aruba we’ve found that the coverage in the pubs is good and the connectivity has been excellent.

Finally their corporate SSID also broadcasts from their RAPs (and campus APs) and tunnels back to their main site. This uses 802.1x to authenticate their corporate users (and computers) against their domain using a combination of Network Policy Server, Certificate Services and Group Policy.

They also have a local controller at another pub which broadcasts the same SSIDs and has a mesh portal and a couple of mesh points. Mesh was used as the pub is a listed building and there was not an option to add cabling.


ACCX #540 | ACMX #353 | ACDX #216 | AMFX #11

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