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Aruba Employee

For the hospitality sector, ClearPass integrates with leading property management systems such as Micros Opera. With this integration, hotel guests only need to provide their room number and surname to register on to the Wi-Fi system.

Optionally, any applicable Internet charges can be billed directly to the guest folio. 


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Tips & Tricks

This is a native ClearPass Guest integration. Refer to ClearPass Guest - Transaction Processor documentation above for more information.


Customers will also need to purchase a module from Micros to enable integration with ClearPass

This module is on the Micros price list as following:

  • Part no: 5009-297
  • Name: Clear Pass Guest – Aruba
  • Type: WWW/IF


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Do we have any successful cases in such design.  A Howard Johnson hotel in China . which is a under Wyndham hotel group,choosed Opera PMS. I'd like to propose clearpass guest manager to this customer. so that they don't need to order nomadix internet gateway hardware box any more.  And in Micro's certificate list, clearpass is in "not released' status.




We are not currently aware of any customers using this functionality yet. While we have completed the certification with Micros, until we have a certain number of known customers, we are still considered Not Released. We are eager to get officially released so I highly recommened engaging with your local Aruba account team and my team will provide any necessary backend support to make it successful.


Best regards,


Madani Adjali

Sr. Product Manager - ClearPass


Just update you that we won this deal. Our solution will provide 2400+ rooms and 4 lobby's WIFI coverage ,customer will be authenticated by Clearpass guest, while customer info, such as last name and room number will be get from OPERA PMS.

And this hotel is the largest single entity hotel in China. So far we are contacting partners of OPERA in China to deploy it.



Today, our customer site's clearpass successful established a tcp connection with interface server of Opera, and we can get following room and user name info. UPLOAD.png

and i enabled Hotspot manager, my question is are there any differences on create service for this application?

 and are there any differences on create web login page?


Thanks and Best Regards/Xiangqian Ni

Hi.!! I'm deploying this integration in a Hotel. We are successfully getting the room details. Opera partners are seeing a "comma and a dot" as a parameter separator. Do you know if it is possible to delete this separator and send all parameters together? How can I edit the format that ClearPass use to send information to Micros Opera?  We see 8 Pending 5,.90 in the purchase column, instead of OK 5.90 or something like this. 

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