Philips HUE Light Shutoff/on

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Aruba Employee

Based on authentication into a location/area or the leaving of this area, automatically turn on or off the HUE light bulbs in that area

AH contributor: sethfiermonti




Administration -> External Servers -> Endpoint Context Servers

Select Server Type

Generic HTTP

Server Name

<Your integration name>

On-Premise based URL

http://<bridge IP address>


<Your username>


 <Your password>

Administration -> Dictionaries -> Context Server Actions

Action Tab

Server Type

Generic HTTP

Server Name

<Select your integration name>

Action Name

<Describe the action>

HTTP Method



http://<bridge IP address>/<user name>/lights/1/state

Content Tab






Tips & Tricks

See website for more cool things like changing color of the lights even!


{"bri":42} <-- controls brightness (can make brighter or darker depending on circumstances - i.e. - more than X users in an auditorium for X time, then dim the lights!)
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Great post!

Always have been a sucker for room automation..  Great idea and really simple!


Went through the motions of doing this. Pretty cool post. Thanks! Here's some notes to speed things up for others.


URL would be as follows http://hue_bridge_ip/api/qVPLx2Ye5Mw14Mky/lights/1/state  where qVPLx2Ye5Mw14Mky is the secret created by your ios or android device. grab wireshark and sniff this out.


JSON content would look like this for ON  {"on":true} and this for OFF {"on":false}


Use the hue debug page to help you diagnose. at http://hue_bridge_ip/debug/clip.html





For me it works with this settings in CPPM 6.5:


Endpoint Contect Server

- Server Name: <Your IP>

- Server Base URL: http://<YourIP>

No Userid or Password !


Context Server Action

- URL: /api/newdeveloper/lights/1/state

-Content: JSON   {"xy_inc":[0.1,-0.1]}   (to change colour)




How do we go about targeting a client or access point? Another way to phrase the question would be; from where do the lighting changes take their cue?


It's clear how to control the lighting details but can we cue the lighting adjustments off a specific client associating with a specific access point?

Replying to my own question but I thought someone might find it useful. I believe the action is triggered using the Endpoint Context Server Details (under the Attributes tab). Have not confirmed this yet but it's the only possible path I can see...