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A Template File for each switch

Is there any reason I couldn’t simply create a Template File for each switch?

I’m pretty comfortable in the CLI and sorting out exactly how to build out the Central variables seems more trouble than it’s worth for me. I already have about 20 switches built with trunks established, ports named, VSF stacking for 2930f switches, backplane stacking for 3810 switches, VLANs configured… etc. - this already built structure needs to somehow be brought into Central.

My approach is to:
1. Create a separate Template File from each imported switch
2. Strip out the auto-generated variables and replace with regular CLI commands (for example, replace hostname "%_sys_hostname%" with hostname Switch 1)
3. Save each file separately
4. Bring the switches into Central, they then read their own respective Template File.
If this is ok, my only question is how does the switch know which Template File in a Template Group it should use when it joins Central? Is there an auto generated variable that I should leave in place? Is it the _sys_template_header variable?

This approach seems easier for me since I already have all of the switches built, but it also seems easier for later on if a want to make a change to a single switch. Say I want to go in and untag ports 20-25 for VLAN 20 on switch #7 – I would just go to that particular file and make the changes to it in standard CLI format.


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Re: A Template File for each switch


So this plan won't work quite the way I had hoped.  When I attempted to add a second Template File into the same Template Group, I got this error
"template with same name or same device type, model and version exists in this group"

These are both 2930f (JL256A) switches.

If I want to continue this approach, it looks like I will need a separate Template Group for each switch to have its own unique Template File.

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