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AirGroup on Central Managed IAPs lost Printer



I've a customer which have several printers in his network (connected over LAN or WLAN).

At the beginning we disable the Broadcast Filter on the SSIDs and create a IP Helpter to search for the pritners in the network.


Since a few weeks we try to change this by confiugure AirGroup.


When I did the config, after a few moments we can see the printers on the IAP with the command (show airgroup servers). The wifi devices can see the printers and printing is working as well.


BUT. After a random time period the printes are not in the list anymore an we can't find it in the network. Then we have to restart the printer to bring it back to the list.


Has anyone of you the same problems or can give me some advice?

It happen with different pritners (models an manufacturer).


Thanks a lot for your feedback and help.


Kind regards


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Re: AirGroup on Central Managed IAPs lost Printer



Nobody has any experience with it?

Any similar problems or some suggestion?


I'm grateful about any feedback.

Kind regards



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Re: AirGroup on Central Managed IAPs lost Printer

Hey Dominik

Did you get a resolution to this? I have the same issue and I am curious to see if you got a resolution. 

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