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Airprint printers disappears from list

My organisation has recently changed our wi-fi to Aruba central. We have an issue with airprinting and have not been able to resolve it. When a printer is turned on it advertises itself and the iOS devices can see it. Then after about 1 hour later the printer disappears from the list of printers. I reboot the printer and again it only lasts about one hour. airprint is enabled in the airgroup settings. Has anyone experienced this and how did they resolve it?


Re: Airprint printers disappears from list

If you share the make/model of the printer that might help if someone else is having a similar issue.


Is the printer connected via Wi-Fi, or is it wired?

Is the printer on the same Wi-Fi network (SSID) as the AirPrint clients?

Is it all operating in a single subnet / 1 VLAN?

Under the General --> Advanced Settings of the Network configuration what have you set for Broadcast Filtering, Multicast Transmission Optimization and Dynamic Multicast Optimization (DMO)?

Screenshot 2020-07-28 09.40.39.png

Under Services have you enabled AirGroup at all? If so what settings?

Screenshot 2020-07-28 09.43.16.png

It might look like you require AirGroup but it's not always necessary depending on the network topology and broadcast/multicast filtering options selected.

You can read some more about AirGroup here:

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