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Aruba Activate / Central

Hello everyone. We have linked a Central and Activate and every device in Activate is now in the inventory in Central. I thought only devices in the default folder were supposed to be imported into the Central inventory but every device is in the list. Is this correct? Is there a way in Activate of only sending some devices to Central?

Re: Aruba Activate / Central

No this is not possible. Central syncs the entire device inventory between your Activate and Cental account.


All devices are synced without a license assigned, unless you activate auto-assignment in your Gobal Settings. Only when you assign a license on Central, it will establish a connection to Central.


If you pay close attention on Activate, a device is actually moved from the default folder to another folder, once you assign the Device Management license. This folder has the provisioning rules configured.

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Re: Aruba Activate / Central

Thanks for the reply.

I spoke to Aruba TAC and they have put a feature request in to see if it is possible to only see if only devices in a certain folder are sent to Central.

Re: Aruba Activate / Central

Definitely a reasonable enhancement. Thanks for raising the point.

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