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Aruba Central 3 year license



I am using Aruba Central to manage just one IAP305 per each of 1600 schools. Each school has a 3 year license to manage its AP via Aruba Central and it has its own Internet access.

I want to know what happens after the 3 year license ends?. Will I continue managing the APs but locally?, will the APs still work with the last configuration available when the license ended?, will the wireless clients still have access to the network?, what if I need to make changes to the WiFi network configuration?, will I be allowed to change the APs configurarion?


Thanks in advance for you support guys.





Re: Aruba Central 3 year license

While I cannot look forward 3 years in time, with today's knowledge when the Central subscription expires, the Instant clusters will return to local management. The clusters will continue to function.


You can decide to extend or renew your Central subscription, or use Airwave or just the local management, or even add a controller and make the deployment controller based. So many options.


Though in the case you use Central cloud services like Cloud Guest or Presence Analytics, those features will stop.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Aruba Central 3 year license

Hi Herman,
Thank you very much for your answer.
One more question, I want to deploy Guest Access through the captive portal. If you say services like Cloud Guest will stop working after the 3 years license ends, that means a huge problem if I give guest access using this option. Is there a way to avoid this?, can I use a captive portal per cluster (per school) instead of the Cloud Guest service?

Re: Aruba Central 3 year license

You can use the local captive portal hosted in the IAPs, but it's rather minimallistic. Not comparable with what you can get from Cloud Guest.


You can also have ClearPass Guest installed in your DC if you want an alternative that's not tied to a subscription

Samuel Pérez


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