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Aruba Central API - Rate Limit Exceeded

Hi All,


I'm trying to pull a Device Inventory report from Central via the API (as there doesn't appear to be a method of pulling this from the GUI) but regardless of whether I try via the Swagger interface or via Curl I get the following message....


{"message":"API rate limit exceeded"}


This seems to happen no matter what API call I make, but I have previously been able to use the API gateway via Swagger.


Any ideas?




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Re: Aruba Central API - Rate Limit Exceeded

There is a default rate-limit on Central API calls of 1000 calls per day. Could it be that you exceeded that number? The limit should clear every day.


When writing against the API, make sure that your calls are relevant and needed to reduce the load and number of calls.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Aruba Central API - Rate Limit Exceeded

Hi Herman,


It looks like that's the likely cause, we have a developer working on pulling data from Aruba Central (via API) into Grafana, pretty sure that is the likely cuplret as can't see that my meager API calls are likely to generate that many in a day!


Will have to reach out to the developer in question and see if there is any way of reducing the number of API calls he's making as it's leaving me stuffed when I actually need to use the API to replace functionality that ought to be in the base product (like inventory reporting for example!).




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