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Aruba Central Configuration


I have aruba Central , POE switch 2530 & IAP 305

I have different location where POE switch & IAP will be installed.

Lical Broad band OR ILL will be given in each site & IAP will be connected from that switch. So Please tell me how to configure the Aruba central for different location. Where my user will get internet from iap with the local internet. Please tell me the procedure.

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Re: Aruba Central Configuration

Each AP will be in a different location so each will be it's own Virtual Controller. In Aruba Central each of these VC's (Virtual Controllers) will show up. At that point you could add them to the same group or different groups depending on how you wanted the hierarchy to be.  User traffic for each site will be dropped off locally and routed out the local ISP just as it would without Central in an Instant Deployment. Aruba Central allows you to manage all your remote sites from a single place. 


Here is a link to the online Central documentation in regards to setting up groups. 


Hope that answers your question. 

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