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Aruba Central - Disable Firmware Compliance

Hi All,

We have an estate of IAP325/335 managed via Aruba Central and will be looking to start managing IAP345's shortly as well. Currently the 325/335 are running firmware 6.5 and the 345's will need to run 8.3 as a minimum.


We have firmware compliance enabled for all groups (we have 2x Groups + the "default") to push out the 6.5 firmware.

Is there a way to disable firmware compliance? I'd like to upgrade the 345s with 8.3 when imported into Central but also upgrade the 325/335 as part of a manual task at a later date.


Looking through the Central settings, the only way I can see to disable firmware compliance is to assign a group (such as default) which is not managing any IAP's.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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