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Aruba Central Guest users have encrypted/hashed user name



I created a Splash page in Aruba Central with self registration. I want to create role based access for the guests based on User name. I added the guest under the visitor account, and I can even log in through the splash page with the test credentials. But when I look under the monitoring->client->list I can see that my device is logged in with a hashed user name. Because of this, I cannot filter for specific user names.


For example, if I have a gala, and I have guests from different company. And they all use self registration, but based on their e-mail, which will be their user name in self registration, I want to filter and place people in different roles. Example: anyone whose user name contains @importantcompany will get role with bigger bandwidth and if the username contain @littlecompany they get a role with smaller bandwidth. (This is just example.)


I can make the role mapping in Central, and it would work just fine with simple 802.1x ssid, but I don't want to input all 100 guest (let them do that themselves.) But with splash page, the username gets hashed, so the rules put everyone in the default profile.


Is there a solution to this?


Re: Aruba Central Guest users have encrypted/hashed user name

I'm afraid this is by design and happens when you enable "MAC Caching" in Cloud Guest. You should see the regular usernames if you disable it.

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Re: Aruba Central Guest users have encrypted/hashed user name



I don't have MAC caching enabled...


I created a visitor named "test", then I logged in, and under visitors I can see that the username is hashed out. I also did a self registration with another equipment, and it did the same thing.



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