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Aruba Central - Speed Test

Hello all,

Within Aruba Central troubleshooting there is an option to run a speed test. 

I can't make this feature work and it's not listed in the user guide. Can anyone detail how this should be configured. We will be using an iperf3 server.




Re: Aruba Central - Speed Test

This is actually an IAP feature, introduced in 6.5.4.


What you see on Central is only the UI portion allowing you to execute these commands through Central. You should be able to use the same parameters as on the IAP CLI, separated by a space:


Once you executed the command, it will show you the actual status of the speed-test. You can then also use the Troubleshooting commands to fetch the speed test results:






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Re: Aruba Central - Speed Test

Any idea what these errors mean?


Master-AP_Result.PNGResult from Master APSlave-AP_Result.PNGResult from Slave AP

Michael McNamee
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Re: Aruba Central - Speed Test

What Model and firmware revision is that AP cluster using? Are you using mixed-models within the same AP cluster?
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Re: Aruba Central - Speed Test



I'm having the same issue with the main AP

Aruba Central - Google Chrome.jpgAruba Central - Google Chrome_2.jpg


Running FW

Cluster with:

2 x AP-303-RW

6 x IAP-305-RW


Can you help?


Thank you

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Re: Aruba Central - Speed Test

Still can't make this work.


Does anyone have a solution?



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