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Aruba Central + Splash page



I'm having a problem to display the splash page on devices that run android.
The environment is as follows:
  - 1x IAP-103 controlled by Aruba Central (with guest access enabled)
- 1x Smartphone with Android 5.0.2
- 1x Smartphone with IOS 11
- Aruba central with Guest Access enabled and working perfectly.
When IOS device is connected, the splash page appears normally, with no problems. Already when the device android, the browser even opens, but the splash page does not.
I noticed that the url that appears in the address bar is, which is the home page for chrome.
If you try to access some website, other than google, sometimes the splash page appears. But, it is a very complex process for the user to connect to the network.
Has anyone ever been or is experiencing the same problem?
Follows a print of the screen, android.

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Re: Aruba Central + Splash page

Please check this page for some background:


Bottom-line, there is no real solution as captive portal like you try to deploy it violates what HTTPS was designed for.


I must admit that the number of HTTP sites is lower and lower, but it makes sense to find a good one in your region and let people browse there if they don't get the captive portal. Also, do not enable the captive portal bypass features if you want the captive portal to pop up automatically.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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