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Aruba Central - add PTP on all interfaces

Hello everyone,


I struggle with Aruba Central templates. So far, everything is fine and I can add switches to default and then to different templates for specific configurations like QoS and so on. But, now I have a problem with implementing PTP on the 2930m.

If I want PTP enabled, it is "interface all - ptp enable - exit". With show run, it is "interface 1 - ptp enable - exit - interface 2 - ptp enable - exit - ..." and so on. I tried both ways in my template, even with a variable.

It always goes like this the attached screenshot.

And when I go to Configuration Audit it even says "config difference" and I can see the right output for ptp (int 1 - ptp enable -exit, ....)


Is there a chance I can enable ptp with templates or is that just not possible in this way? I guess same problem will come to me if I want to enable poe-alocate-by value e.g.


Hope you can help me!




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Re: Aruba Central - add PTP on all interfaces





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