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Aruba Central and 2930M +uplink module


We have a 2930M with a 2930M 4SFP+ (JL083A) module in the back. The switch is managed by central however I can't find a way of configruing the VLAN's for this module. I need to configure tagged and untagged VLAN's but can't add tagged VLAN's to ports A1 to A4 . I have tried CLI snippets but these failed. 

How can this be done?

Re: Aruba Central and 2930M +uplink module

AFAIK in a UI group the module should appear as a normal port under the "Wired Management" under Port/VLAN for it to be configured.


What version are you running on the switch?

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Re: Aruba Central and 2930M +uplink module

Thanks for the reply. It is running 16.06.0008. In the end we used a template group to get it working.

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