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Aruba Switch managament within cloud central

Hi all,


I would like to get confirmed if the capabilities of Aruba Central are limited on switching. For example, is it possible to configure static routes? the only option i see for wired managment is VLAN, ports en access-policites.


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Re: Aruba Switch managament within cloud central

There are two ways of how Central handlmanagement to distinguish:


  1. UI Groups
  2. Template Groups

UI groups are currently limited to basic switch functionalities such as VLAN, Port configurations, etc. In this case, you can't configure any advanced settings such as STP, Routing, etc. This is continuously being enhanced to support more switch functionalities through the UI as well.


For the purpose of advanced configs you can leverage template groups. As the name implies, you configure your switches based on a template, which is based on the running configuration of an actual devices. This allows you to configure all advanced settings that the switches can handle.


The Central User Manual does have chapters on the subject of switch management:


Best is to access the manual always through the Central UI directly (lower left hand corner). This way you get to the most recent version of the documents.


Additionally, check out the below video that might help you to get started:

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Re: Aruba Switch managament within cloud central



Aruba Central switch management has been improved over the years/months, but still has a ways to go.  We still hit this issue and have raised it several times.


Aruba has been promising fixes and enhancements for a while. Right now we're fighting MAS issues and inability to get a 2530 into central correctly, even with a factory config.


You're not alone. I keep being told "next update" which gets old after a while. 

You might look at other methods of switch management within Central, it might help you. Templates are great if you are 100% uniform, just be careful with device specfic configs using either method (UI or Template).


Re: Aruba Switch managament within cloud central

Kevin is right, if you want all switch features on a switch managed by central, the best path forward is to go with templates. And as he correctly pointed out, there have been several enhancements in the last few releases. To name a few:

  • ZTP without reboot
  • Backup and restore
  • Import configurations from the first switch to generate the template in an easier way
  • Manage variables using CSV
  • Stack support for all switch models

There are also several enhancements planned for the GUI config, which will allow us to configure more and more knobs with every new release, but ArubaOS-Switch is a very feature rich platform, and it'll be hard to have everything configurable from the GUI (which requires having specific APIs for every configurable item).


Lastly, there are also several planned enhancements for switch monitoring in Central. You should start seeing some of them in the next Central release.


Hope this helps

Samuel Pérez


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