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Can default vlan be changed via AC?

I need to extend a school district default vlan (1) into our WAN. We need to change it from 1 to 10, removing the IP from 1 and assigning it to 10. Can this be done via Aruba Central, or will I lose connectivity to the switches?

Current config:

vlan 1 untagged 1-48



New config vlan 10 untagged 1-48


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Re: Can default vlan be changed via AC?

This works for me:

1. In AC, configure vlans and set address to DHCP and create a DHCP reservation with the mac-address of the switch. This allows the same IP that was used in vlan 1 to be assigned to vlan 106

2. In my case I tagged all vlan 1 ports and untagged all vlan 106 ports.

3. Telnet to switch in conf t, run "aruba-central support-mode enable" to insure switch will allow cli commands.

4. In conf t, run "primary-vlan 106"

5. in conf t, run "vlan 106, untagged 1-48"

6. Wait a few minutes and the vlan 1 IP will become active on vlan 106 (in my case)

7. in conf t, run "activate provision enable" and possibly "activate provision force".

The new config from AC will be uploaded to the switch. I experienced a little caveat in some cases: Although I selected vlan 1 tagged 1-48, it showed up in the telnet session as tagged 2-4, 8-12, 20-48. Saving the config a 2nd time changed the config to tagged 1-48. Not sure why that is but it happened several times. 

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