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Cape Sensor questions


Got a couple odf Cape sensor questions


I've got two gen 1 sensors connected to both eduroam and wired dot1 x networks using eap-tls.


Sensors have number of app healthchecks defined


1). The app healthchecks, are they perfromed on both the wired and wifi networks ?

2). There used to be an issue with DNS response time checking due to fact query went via cape network DNS service. Can you confirm that DNS healthchecks only use our DNS servers now ( my healthcheck currently  testing


Aruba Employee

Re: Cape Sensor questions



By default, the sensors will test all services over all the networks. You can modify that under testing page. You can select which networks and at the bottom you can enable/disable the tests that you want...


As for DNS, it will test all the DNS servers that it gets. You can define which domain to test under the network definition..