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Central IAP GUI Migration

I'm looking for the best way to migrate IAP VCs to Central while keeping the configs as intact as possible. I'd like to use the GUI config in central.


The first step seems easy enough. If I onboard the IAPs from Site 1, I can preserve the config by using the 'copy config to new group' setting. So now I have Site 1 in Group A with it's config. 


Now what happens when I want to add Site 2, also in Group A with a very similar config, but of course there will be some differences. IP addresses, VLANs, etc. If I just drop Site 2 into the existing Group A, does everything get overridden? Does it keep any/all of the local config/group overrides? Or do I have to configure all those overrides ahead of time somehow, or will I have to reconfigure on the fly during the migration? 


I will have a number of different groups, each of those groups will have several different sites in them with similar but not exact configs.


I use AirWave template groups currently, but AirWave is in monitor-only mode, so I only use the templates for auditing not direct config. But I do have an idea of all the groups and configs that I will need. 



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Re: Central IAP GUI Migration



Regarding this question, "If I just drop Site 2 into the existing Group A, does everything get overridden"

AFAIK, the devices will get the config of Group A (their existing configuration will be overridden as indicated here) I don't think you can do the GUI configuration at the VC level (setting the overrides) before the AP joins central


Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 23.31.07.png


I think your options are either to create different groups for different sites or manually do the overrrides after the AP gets it Group A config.

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Re: Central IAP GUI Migration

Thanks, but I have done some more research with my SE and I think we’ve found a solution. By disabling Auto Commit on the group, we can add the new VC without automatically pushing the config. We can then build the correct config for the VC in Central, then once the pending config looks like it will match the current running config, we can do a manual Commit to apply it. Then re-enable auto commit if desired for the future. 




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