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We use AD authentication for our company wireless network (RADIUS). I would like to get a report out of Central like the 'Client Usage' report but not with Clients/MAC addresses but with usernames.  Does anybody know how to achieve this?


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Re: Central Reports

I'd also agree that APIs are going to likely be the way you want to go.


There are some (login required) Aruba documents and web pages that can tell you what the APIs would look like and/or what data/information you could potentially pull out.!/Network/api_external_controller_get_networks


This is the link to the documentation from within Aruba Central, just click on the "help" link and select documentation.

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Re: Central Reports

In case you're somewhere where you can't login easily.  Here is a response sample of the Wireless Clients Details API. As you can see it can feed back quite a bit of data.  I'd test this out to see if "username" feeds you what you're looking for. 



"macaddr": "c8:b5:ad:c3:b2:04",

"name": "name",

"ip_address": "",

"username": "user",

"associated_device": "CB29870987",

"encryption_method": "UNKNOWN",

"usage": "28199089",

"health": "0",

"group_name": "dual_5GHz",

"swarm_id": "1523bca0014e94ed844d7dbde138b556993207f71af39d19df",

"network": "5Gz_0_1",

"user_role": "admin",

"manufacturer": "HTC Corporation",

"os_type": "Linux",

"connection": "Wired",

"speed": "444",

"maxspeed": "10000",

"signal_strength": "55",

"signal_db": "12",

"snr": "123",

"channel": "33e",

"band": "5 Ghz",

"labels": "[]",

"site": "null",

"radio_mac": "c8:b5:ad:c3:b2:04",

"vlan": "3333",

"radio_number": "1"


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