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Central login portal redirection flaw



I have found a pretty anoying design flaw in the central login portal. When I started using central at first, I watched the webinars, read the user guide, and googled "login to central". I was given the link:


Here I clicked the "Try Aruba Central" button, and I was redirected to the sign up form, where I selected "Hungary" from the drop down menu. I registered, and logged in. After a few days I went to the same URL as above, but clicked "login to central" and after entering my credentials, it said that the database dosen't have my ID. I reread the central userguide, and found only one URL  in the whole book and it said to go to:


to login. I did, and I managed to login. A few months later I did the same procedure for customer. Click register, registered, then clicked the login link and I got a "no user ID message". I opened a TAC case and found out that central has different server DB-s based on your location. I registered my company account to US-1 zone, and my client account to EU-1 zone, and I clicked the same link both times. That wouldn't be a problem, if central would register me on the server based on the country I select when registering (this might have been fixed since then since my customer got registered to EU-1 zone.) All I know is that my company central account is in the US-1 zone, and my customer's account is in EU-1 zone, and both are located in Budapest (and I selected Hungary in the registry process.)


The annoying thing is, that the link on the ARUBA home page "log into central" sometimes redirects me to US-1, sometimes to US-2, and sometimes to EU-1 zone... (tried multiple browsers and incognito mode too. Our company users static IP so the source IP is a Hungarian IP.) and while in the Android App they took the time, to make the zone selection a drop down menu, in the web UI you have to know the fricken' login URL, because the user guide will only tell you the URL to the US-1 zone.


So here are the zones as far as I know:






My problem is either put all the URLs for the login portal into the User guide, or make the login page a drop down menu selection for the other zones, so that people who don't know the URL don't have to open a TAC cases to know how to login. For a while I used the registy confirmation e-mail link to log in but I don't think thats an elegant way to log in.


In the Android app there are 3 more zones you can choose: APAC-1; CANADA-1; CHINA-1, but in the user guide dosen't even mention that you can register to the appropriate server based on your location. Now, I don't want to register to Canada or China, but it would be really helpful to know whats going on in the background, and not to accidentally register a customer in Europe to a US server, because it will make the Central portal freakishly slow to access.


This could be eliminated with just a few lines in the User guide introduction.



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Re: Central login portal redirection flaw

looks like you were heared :-)


First saw the drop down list on Now its alos visible at


Regards, Jö

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Re: Central login portal redirection flaw

Yeah, I also saw it after the update of central on the 17th. Looks like they fixed the US portal too in today's update :)

Re: Central login portal redirection flaw

Always keep the feedback coming. Inputs from the field are the most valuable. Talk to your Aruba account manager/SE to raise those enhancements requests. If you are a registered Aruba partner, put your ideas to the Aruba Innovation Zone.

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