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Cloud Guest registration problem


I have problem with Cloud Guest portal registration. We manage about 15 IAPs over Aruba Central and for guest access we use Cloud Guest Splash page.
We configured self-registration over SMS. Everything worked perfectly, but last month we noted this issue:

When user connect to Guest Wifi, he is redirected to splash page. On this page he clicks on Register button, then the register page appeared. He enters mobil number, check the terms and conditions and clicks on register button.
Now on the screen the message appeared "Signing in ...." and then the registration page appeared AGAIN. During this "signing time" the SMS witch credentionals is receiving. In the Aruba Central I see the account is created and it is active, but no session is established. When user try internet connection from mobil, it is failed (no connection). Whe he try register again, the registration process is successful, he receive a second SMS with another credentionals, and in Aruba Central I see, that the session for this user is established.


Can anybody help with this problem?



Re: Cloud Guest registration problem

Please open a TAC case. This is not the desired behavior.

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Re: Cloud Guest registration problem


we open ticket on TAC, but for now no progress :(