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Guest Access - Login Error. Please retry.

I have configured an SSID for guest access and splash page to go with it.  VLAN usus Instant AP assigned and gets an IP in the range... verified internet access from this vlan works.  I've configured the Security portion of the SSID to use my splash page and Captive Portal type is Cloud Guest.  When I enter my created user's credentials, I receive Login error.  Please retry.  I've verified they are correct multiple times.  Debug logs just say: Oct 30 15:58:58 cli[4319]: <541003> <WARN> |AP IAP-GVL-1@ cli| Client 00:28:f8:4b:b1:62 is failed to authenticate, failure count is 2.

Edit: I've purposefully tried incorrect credentials and I get "Invalid username or password", so I know it's actually communicating with the login server, it's just not letting me authenticate my credentials.

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