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How to view client roles in Aruba Central?



I set up clusters of IAPs managed by Aruba Central. I managed to create SSIDs that have Role based access. I also specified rules for role assignment, and I want to check if the clients get the appropriate role. But when I go to Monitoring &reports ->Client overview->list there is no column that specifies what role each user got. Also if I click the user, the user details page dosen't give me what role the client got (which would be great for troubleshooting) I have to use a workaround, where I enable the "connected to" column, note down the AP the client is connected to, then go to network overview->APs->List Of Online APs->click on the AP the client was connected to, then click on the clients tab. There, there is a column that gives me what role the client got.


This seems to me like a lot of work, when they could have just added a "roles" column in the client overview.


If someone has an easier solution, I am welcome to suggestions.




Re: How to view client roles in Aruba Central?

You are correct, currently this is the only place to view the assigned role.

There is an enhancement request placed to add this to both the Client Overview as well as Client Detail page.

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