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Hi community.

With regard to Install Manager (IM) App ... Has anybody tried to create 100 "Sites to manage" for just an Installer from a list of 500 sites available?. You have to type the 100 Site Names 1 by 1 and it is a hard task. Is there any way to bulk upload the 100 sites to just one installer.

In my scenario, I have to configure 500 APs, one per Site. I have 5 people (installers) in a central site with the 500 APs. I have to leave all the APs configured and tested as if they were installed in their final site, and added to Aruba Central account for management, then pack the APs and send them to the actual final sites of installation, where the customer is going to place each AP in the ceiling and just plug and play the service.

The installers at the central site are going to use the Install Manager APP of Aruba Central to Onboard the APs to Aruba Central, but assigning "All Sites" to the 5 installers is not an option in my situation because there is a possibility that 2 or more different installers take an AP simultaneously and assign them to the same site (making a cluster), and in my case, there is only one AP per site. I will have to assign a fixed and different set of APs to each installer in the central site, and each set will be big, so that typing one by one each site assigned to the installer is impractical.

Thanks for your support.



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