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MSP - Multiple regions


New to Central, thanks for this forum. 

My use case requires a centralized management for multiple customer/tenant accounts. These can be spread on various regions (due to legal requirements of each customers). Is there any way this can be solved without having an MSP account in each region managing customers in that region? Think about NOC operators, when they need to make an intervention in a tenant, they need to be able to connect to a centralized point, find the customer and review/solve the case. 

The "Add Customer" form available in the MSP Monitoring app does not include the region field.

There might be a work around for this, this is the feature "Switch Customers". It appears to allow having all accounts available from a centrlized hub. I tried to add a new account there, and there is this "region" selector, but I can't change it, it is fixed to the region of the orginal account. 

Have anyone actually used this MSP mode in a Global (multi-region) use case?

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