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Need some help with the Central API.

I am trying to teach myself to use the Central API and i am having trouble getting off the ground. I can't even figure out how to obtain an auth code form the API using my client_id.  I obviously missing something, and admitedly don't have any experience in this.  Every time i try to use the API it comes back saing "The access token is missing", but i'm trying to obtain an access token.  I can't possible need an access token to get an access token.  Does anyone have some resources to help het me on my feet with the API?

Re: Need some help with the Central API.

1. I hope API GW is enabled for your account.

2. Learn the swagger tool by following the doc attached.

3. Now you can authenticate using an external app as well using the attached script.

4. You have to refresh the token, every two hours. script attached.

5. Attaching a sample python script that helps to list create delete groups in central using API calls.


Remember you are on a production account & not internal.


Also consult this:


Hope this helps.



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Re: Need some help with the Central API.


         Thank you, I was able to find the errors in my code.  Your sample scripts where hugely helpful.

Thank you.

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Re: Need some help with the Central API.

Issue seems to be resolved, please disregard. 

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Re: Need some help with the Central API.

Leaving this here in case someone likes Ansible over working with Python. I basically converted the included python script from previous responder into ansible speak. Lots of uri module. Anywho, if I had some skills i would make this an ansible module! Update file extension to .yaml

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