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Optimizing roaming in aruba central

Hi community


I am looking for a way to optimize the roaming through Aruba Central, my network has three APs managed by Central. I have some notifications from end users that the roaming is not working well, a device used to disconnect from one AP to another when the user walks through the office. Clientmatch is enabled and min transmit power is 12 and max is 18.Could you help me please.


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Re: Optimizing roaming in aruba central

generally I would recommend to have a 9dB difference between your max tx on 2.4GHz radio and min tx of 5GHz radio. Again this depends on your env.


to do that you need to go to RF->Radio Section -> Default for 2.4GHz-> change the min/max to 6/9 and the 5GHz section can have min/max set to 18/21


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